Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior Artistic Director, has a powerful message

The arrival of Maria Grazia Chiuri as creative director of Dior has given so much to talk about. As the first woman holding the position of artistic director after 67 long years, Chiuri not only reminded us through the Prêt-à-Porter Spring-Summer 2017 collection that she is one of the most talented designers nowadays, but also why it is important that we all become feminist.

The collection itself is inspiring. Tulle gowns and maxi-skirts, both loaded with rhinestones and sparkling threads that together recreate figures and symbols from the tarot invite everyone to dream, believe and let go. The long coats, sweaters and leather jackets, work as complement to a large number of looks that allows the public to glimpse the vision of strong women, capable of everything and confident of themselves.


Each piece displayed on the catwalk reflects and strengthens the idea that WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINIST; The choice of fencing as the main source of inspiration in this collection has a transcendental meaning. It is an invitation to leave aside meaningless stereotypes and preconceived-ideas in order to appreciate each individual for her/his virtues, qualities and even weaknesses. Statements made based on aspects as gender fall short when it is about describing someone.

According to Chiuri’s words, in fencing, being a man or a woman is not what really matters, the uniforms for boys or girls are almost identical and what is important is “the balance between thought and action, the harmony between spirit and heart “(Dior, 2016). This is a very clear and necessary message if we consider that as a developed society we are still not capable of eliminating completely the remaining gaps between men and women.

The fact that Chiuri express her thoughts and basically gives us a lesson about gender equality through haute couture is not unexpected. We are talking about someone who has dedicated most of her fashion career to empower women through the creation of unique and exquisite pieces that respond directly to their needs and underline their beauty.

The woman who took the artistic direction of Valentino for 8 years and managed to give a new air to the Italian maison establishing it as a favourite among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts now begins to make history by the hand of Dior.


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