I step off the metro station. I am on my way to see what is supposed to be one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. I am looking at Buda. The majestic Castle occupies a good part of the panoramic. At the right, I can see Matthias Church, stunning as in the pictures; its rooftops made by coloured tiles draw a smile to my face. Far, in the distance, there is the Parliament, which to my eyes seems just an architectonic masterpiece.

I am with Ana, one of my closest friends. We take a couple of photos and then the funicular which takes us in front of the Castle that offers us an incredible picture of the whole city. We buy hot wine, because its freezing, and then start to walk around.

After more than an hour, we head to Fisherman’s Bastion, which is a terrace in neo-gothic style located just besides Matthias Church.  We are lucky because in winter it is free. We decide to stay there for a while just appreciating the city. Now at night. It feels like a completely different place. I have to say that I prefer the city this way.

It is 7 pm and we are late. We were supposed to be earlier at the hostel, which is not just a hostel, it is a party hostel. They are very popular in Budapest and Ana and I decided to stay at Carpe Noctem Vitae because it has a really good reputation, it is close to all kinds of restaurants and around 15 minutes walking from the main attractions and obviously, we want to be immersed in the city’s crazy night life and meet people from all over the world.

Tonight there is a Boat Party and it is supposed to be really fun. Everyone has been talking about it. We get to the hostel and buy our tickets. Each of us pay around 7000 forints (22 Euros). The price includes a bottle of champagne.

We put our make up on, dress up and get ready for the party. I can’t believe that we are not tired at all. It’s our second night in Budapest. Last night we went to a beer competition held in Retox, one of the craziest hostels in the city. It was entertaining to see everyone getting drunk. Then, we went to BOB, a bar that we found by chance on Google maps (a traveler’s best companion) and it turned out to be amazing.  Nice drinks and good music to dance.

BOB – This photo was taken from Tripadvisor

Leaving the hostel, the staff says that we are going to pre-game in a bar nearby and then we are heading together to the boat. Ana and I decide to drink Mojitos, my favourite cocktail. We stay in the bar around an hour and then we take the tramway, which is the fastest way to get to the Danube’s shoreline. In the boat, we get our champagnes and pop them up in the second floor. As the boat starts to move, we get to see the city by night one more time. However, this time feels magical. The parliament is just a couple of meters away from us. We decide not to miss this chance and capture the moment in a photograph.

I can hear the music downstairs so I convince Ana to go there. We dance as good Colombians until the party ends.

Despite that hectic day, the next morning we wake up early and go to St. Stephen’s Basilica the highest building of the city. I am afraid of going to the top but at the same time I know I cannot miss this opportunity. So I convince myself that fear is just a state of mind and I go. The view is worth it. We take the free walking tour and wander around the city.

It is our last night and I don’t want to leave Budapest. Ana and I decide to have dinner at Aurum Bistro, a restaurant that simply looks amazing. We choose to eat goulash with egg barley and letcho. We cannot leave Hungary without trying its exquisite cuisine.

Then we head back to the hostel to join the Pub Crawl. We visit pretty cool and well-known pubs as Kuplung and Ankert. We want to end our trip dancing, so we go to ELLÁTÓház, a restaurant and concert hall that becomes in a nightclub at night! They play latino music. Ana and I cannot be happier. We dance like there is no tomorrow.

Anker’t, Ruin Bar – This photo was taken from
La Communauté Française à Budapest

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